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We at WEISS have engraved on our banner to provide you with a complete hosting experience.
Because a restaurant is not just a place where food is served, a restaurant is a total experience:
The sights, smells, tastes and textures of the mouth,
That everything connects in one bite and the smile is smeared on the face, we know we did ours.

The Weiss Restaurant is housed in a historic and spectacular building from 1909.
At Weiss, we believe in the use of the highest quality Israeli ingredients, while incorporating innovative cooking techniques.
We have put together a unique menu to create an Israeli taste experience for you

Gil Dahan Chef Weiss Restaurant
Gil has worked at several leading restaurants in Tel Aviv.
Over the years he has developed a culinary vision which guides him in making and creating the dishes.
Gil defines Israeli food as based on the best Israeli ingredients our country has to offer, combined with styles and flavors from around the world.
Gil’s guideline is to use the raw material in the most exhaustive way and all according to the seasons.

                                                                           Afternoon tea, Tuesdays at 16:00
                                                                             A selection of tea, sandwiches,                                                                                                                                                                       savories, and desserts

Here’s a taste of our dishes

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How attentive are you to the details?

Here is a taste of our dishes

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Weiss - 22.06.202212997

          Afternoon tea, Tuesdays at 16:00
              A selection of tea, sandwiches,                                  savories, and desserts.

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We organize interesting gastronomic evenings
That will not leave anyone indifferent: pleasant music, weekly tastings and innovations from the chef.
Tartar Intias

Tartar Intias

Tartar entias wrapped in Jerusalem artichoke and arisa aioli
Wright Aries

Wright Aries

Chubza stuffed with lamb, lamb shank and horseradish pepper
Beetroot sashimi

Beetroot sashimi

Baked beets on salt, beetroot cream and fermented blueberries

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